• WhyDoIEvenExist?

    Hello it's Josh Nichols, from Drake and Josh reporting from Los Angeles. This week has been quite a wreck, from Drake ditching me on a Bingo night! To Meghan literally making a machine that spilt ketchup in my eye! To mom and dad leaving for another "vacation.", Regardless of all that making me LOSING IT!  I`ll still be here to answer any questions you have overall. I`ll answer them as truthfully and honest as I can unlike Drake who will most likely lie.

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  • PoohKake

    Ask Cat a question

    February 12, 2017 by PoohKake

    Hi!I'm Cat Valentine from victorious and if you want to ask be a question then. I will try to answer it

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  • Wikialover27

    Hey everyone, reporting from Danville via internet, Phineas here! Oh, hold on, I forgot, Ferb's here's too. Right now we are attempting to make the world's largest Rubik's Cube, functionally from the outside through only one remote. Over 2 million pieces are being assembled via conveyor belt, then robots fit the pieces in place. 2 million and three, 2 million and four...More to come soon! I have a helicopter to navigate!

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  • LoganMitchell

    Ask Logan!

    March 26, 2013 by LoganMitchell

    Hey guys! It's Logan Mitchell from the band Big Time Rush. What's up? Ask me a question and I'll try to get back to you about it! (:

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  • Jadexoxoxoxo

    Ask Jade a Question!

    September 10, 2012 by Jadexoxoxoxo

    Just ask me a question in the comments box! I'll definately answer!

    Questions I don't want people asking that i'll answer right now

    Q: Favorite color?

    A: Pink/Blue/Purple

    Q: Favorite Food?

    A: Chicken Wings!

    Q: Crush?

    A: Don't have 1, but I like bad boys!

    Q: How old r u?

    A: Currently 13 (Born June 20th, 1999)

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  • The Sonny Munroe

    Okay, so last Saturdsy I went with Chad to the movie theater and we saw The Hunger Games, we mainly went because we are close to being together for a long time. So I wanted to write a summery. I thought that they got the characters and all the scenes really close to how I imagined them in the books. I thought Cinna would have looked different, but they got a perfect Effie. Of course Alex Ludwig made a perfect Cato. He was pretty cute looking too... (sorry Chad!) The thing that bothered me the most was how they took out so much from the book. I know that they couldn't have a five hour movie but still!! They forgot Peeta's fake leg at the end, and how Rue got speared after Katniss got her out of the net. The thing that didnt bother me that I…

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  • The Sonny Munroe

    Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on here in forever!!! It's a lot of filming, now that I gave up So Random for good and I'm a regular on Macknzie Falls!! I really miss you guys. Just to updat you quickly, Chad and I are still happily together with BIG NEWS. Not telling you what the BIG NEWS is yet.. The KCAs are on tonight!! That's exciting! I really want The Hunger Games to win best book! Im obsessed, I have since 2008 and I still am! I just saw the movie last Saturday with Chad and it was good! Lets let Suzaane Collins know that we love her!!! Ask anything, I'm here and I love ya! ~Sonny

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  • The Chad Dylan Cooper

    Hey everyone! I've been gone for SO long!! We just finished filming TONS of So Random! episodes and since Mackenzie Falls is almost ending, we filmed a 2-hour long movie series finale for it! It's gonna air soon! Tons of surprises and stuff. Since it took us 3 months to film season 2 of So Random! and 5 months of the Mackenzie Falls, I haven't had time to go and give you guys some exclusive stuff. Now, comment anything, questions or stories or whatsoever, and I would answer them! Sonny and I had wonderful dates....and Wesley and Nicole finally broke up!:) More stories or whatsoever below if you would comment:) I missed you guys so much! --The Chad Dylan Cooper 06:45, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Hi I'm Cat!

    hai! i'm here with Jade and now I would want you guys to PLEASE ask me a question!!!!:) and i had this thing with my friends where we did this wizard of oz thing! it was so fun and craaazy! please ask me a question!!! --Hi I'm Cat! 16:49, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • SeddieMeBadeFan

    hi guys!!! pleeease make this wiki ACTIVE again! gelo here:) one of the most active yeah. i want my summer a roleplay one again:)) so much fun!!!! so yeah please make this active!!!! ☺ --SeddieMeBadeFan 16:21, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

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  • The Cece Jones

    I'm Back Baby!

    February 27, 2012 by The Cece Jones

    Yep, it's true! The one and only CeCe Jones is back (at limited times)! I've been grounded, so I can't get on every day, but it's alright. So, tell me friends, what have I missed?

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  • Hi I'm Cat!

    Cat's Question Time!

    December 20, 2011 by Hi I'm Cat!

    Hi Everyone! It's me, Cat. Ask me Questions! It's Wiki Time With Cat! Ask me anything and I will answer ASAP :)

    Merry Christmas Everyone! :) To cheer your Christmas, look at me with my hand my cotton candy! Thanks Larry!

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  • JadeWestIsBack


    December 19, 2011 by JadeWestIsBack

    QUESTION ME. So I have a sign and now i uploaded a pic of it. It's a nice sign. I made it using my scissors from the scissoring. Cat's christmas gift for me. I still can't over the fact I have it. So Merry Christmas and ask me anything you want. BUT. please. don't ask me anything about something i HATE except for like people cuz i already hate a lot of things. now i would go to beck's. question me!!!

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  • It's Freddie Benson

    Hey everyone! It's Freddie...ouch! Sorry. Sam hit me after saying my name. Anyways, iCarly decided to do an Ask A Question. Since I did one here already, Carly told me we can do another round here. So...ask me a question! Anything. I would answer EVERYTHING.

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  • Gotta Love Erica

    Ask Erica a Question

    November 27, 2011 by Gotta Love Erica

    Hi,It's Erica Ask me anything and i will replay ASAP

    Bye! :)=

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  • The Mara Jaffary

    Ask Mara a question

    November 27, 2011 by The Mara Jaffary

    I'm happy me and Jerome are dating :D

    Well ask e a question and i will anwser ASAP!!! :)

    Love ya Bye!

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  • Anubis1125

    Ask Mara A Question! :D

    November 27, 2011 by Anubis1125

    Hey,I'm Mara me and Jerome are dating! :D Well,ask me a question and i will anwser ASAP Well love you all!

    Bye :)

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  • Miles cyrus

    can ibe teddy

    November 11, 2011 by Miles cyrus
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  • Mitchie torres

    i need some lyrics 4 songs plz help !

    i'll post the song on my next blog when i get some lyrics dont steal from famous songs plz i'll be sure 2 thnk the ppl tht helped me ; p

    guys the ame ask mitchie a quesion its mentn2say help ! dontn no wht went wrong srry !!!! Read more >
  • The gabe duncan

    Ask Gabe

    November 2, 2011 by The gabe duncan

    Hi I am Gabe Duncan the middle child of 4 ask me anything.

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  • ICarlyShay


    October 31, 2011 by ICarlyShay

    I missed you guys! I have been away for like more than three months and I am really, really, sorry. It's just that school has been killing me the past few days and finally, I've finished everything that I gotta do. So here I am, back on Wikia!

    OK so because I love you guys, I promise to keep you updated with what's happening around me lately. I've been liking this boy named Kyle who's really smart. But I realized he was WAYYY too smart for me. He sort of hated me since the dinner date we had a couple of weeks ago in my apartment because he caught me looking at my cheat notes. And that's when I realized we aren't on the same level.

    And he doesn't deserve me! :P

    Nah, just kidding.

    I'll keep you posted, folks!

    - C.S.

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  • The Olive Doyle

    Hi, I'm Olive. I go to the A.N.T. Farm program my school has because of my amazing memory. For example, I remember what I wore on my 3rd birthday: Green shoes with blue lace, white ankle socks, a yellow and pink stripped long sleeve shirt and a blue and black necklace. See? Anyway, just ask your questions and I'll answer them.

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  • The Isabella Garcia-Shapiro

    Hi, I'm Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, leader of the Fireside Girls troop 46321. I'll be happy to answer any of your questions!

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  • I Am Jade West

    Ask Jade a Question

    October 6, 2011 by I Am Jade West

    I couldn't care less about the stupid questions you people have, know...whatever. Just ask your questions.

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  • The Cece Jones

    Power Outage!

    September 28, 2011 by The Cece Jones

    (Ok, first off, I wanted to post this as CreddieNiranda, but I was to lazy to log out. But I am currently in the middle of a power outage so I am posting this blog from my mom's phone. Me and my sister will be back online ASAP!)

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  • The mitchie torres

    i im mitchie ask my questions and i'll anwer 'em

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  • NevelocityNevel

    Just ask me a question.

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  • The Amazing Cat V

    Ask Cat a Question

    September 15, 2011 by The Amazing Cat V

    Hiii! My name is Catrina Valentine (giggles), oh my gosh, like Valentines Day! My favorite holiday, by the way. I dyed my hair red because I like Red Velvet Cupcakes (tastes hair) but it doesn't taste like cupcakes. So if you have any questions, I'll answer them.

    (Andre in the background: C'mon, Cat. Get off the computer, we gotta go!

    Me: You're so mean to me!)

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  • RexPowers!!!

    Ask Rex a Question!

    September 11, 2011 by RexPowers!!!

    Yo! I'm Rex Powers and if you have any questions, (I know you do), ask away! And if you are a Northridge girl, I need you to ask some questions so we can, you know, get to know each other better.

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  • The Cece Jones

    Ok, so yesterday I got stuck babysitting Flynn and his little geek friend and I was not pleasant! First, I fell asleep and Flynn drew a picture of...well...better not go into detail, but it was on my face. Second, they FLOODED the bathroom sink and then they broke mom's lamp! Ugh, never agree to babysit your little brother or sister.

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  • The Cece Jones

    Ask Cece a Question

    September 10, 2011 by The Cece Jones

    Hey, people! It's Cece here! If you got any questions, I'll answer them. As long as they're not issue. Other than me the questions, baby! Show me the questions!

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  • LoveLexi

    Ask Lexi a Question

    August 29, 2011 by LoveLexi

    Hey! My name is Lexi!

    I am at a school where they run the A.N.T. Farm -_-

    Well ask a question and i will try to anwser ASAP

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  • Puckentine

    New Wiki Chat

    August 26, 2011 by Puckentine

    Hi everyone! After recently becoming an admin, I have added.......*drumroll*...............DONUTS! :D jk I added a wiki chat! So this way, it'll be easier to RP sometimes. :)

    ILoveSeddie1234321 21:03, August 26, 2011 (UTC)

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  • The Harper Finkle

    (OOC: This is just something fun for roleplay.)

    Hiya! It's Harper, and I just found something called, which is similar to Flitter and Twitter, in a sense. But it also has this amazing chatroom, which you can enable onto any other website you want. But you have to be on the chat only on Saturdays, so I've decided ... why don't we put a chat room here on Saturday? Everyone can join in just to get to know each other better. What do you say? Tell me if you agree, please! :)

    (OOC: I'll create a post called "Saturday Chatroom" and we'll all talk there.)

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  • The Nicole Dylan Gabriella Cooper

    So how arebyou guys doing? Good? Great! So ask me questions about anything really! (Wesley, fame, Mack Falls, my brother, etc.)

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  • The Amber Millington

    Hi!! I am Amber Millington Nina told me about this so i thought i might try!!!

    So Ask me Anything!!

    I will Anwser!!!!!

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  • It's Jerome Clark

    Hello,I am Jerome Clark I live in Anubis House with,Nina,Fabian,ALFIE,Mick, :Patricia,Amber and Mara!

    So ask me a Question and i will anwser ASAP!


    It's Jerome Clark 13:49, August 23, 2011 (UTC)Jerome

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  • Rocky Blue

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  • The connie munroe

    hey i am connie munroe i am the mother of sonny munroe and logan munroe ( made up by the sonny munroe ) i dont have a job and i am a terrible cook so ask me questions and i will answer mostof them r proberly about sonny and if u ask i am age 29 belive it or not

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  • Itsguppy

    Ask Guppy A Question!

    August 17, 2011 by Itsguppy


    you can ask me a question if you want to do that.

    i love sam

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  • The Harper Finkle

    Alex's Fortune

    August 6, 2011 by The Harper Finkle

    Hey guys! Harper here with some more news from my sizzlin' blog! *laughs hysterically* What? You would've understood if you were there.

    Waverly Place is really freaky and a few strange things happen to us daily. Most of them are pretty weird and I have the latest buzz on the greatest news, as I usually do because I'm so awesome. If you don't think I'm awesome, stop reading this blog, 'kay? Only the people who think or know that I'm awesome are allowed here!!! (Well, seeing as you're still reading this, I bet you're just going to ignore me... *sigh*)

    Okay, so Alex, Justin (

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  • The nicole dylan cooper

    ask away

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  • The Harper Finkle

    Hey everyone! Harper Finkle here! My best friend Alex made a blog on here telling others to ask her a question and told me I should do it. At first, I didn't want her to do something like that because she mentioned that she's a wizard and I didn't want her to get penalized in the wizard competition (plus I dislike it when people ask me the same questions over and over, which I thought would happen here), but she said it was okay because Crumbs doesn't have connection to any website except the World Wide Wiz Web.

    So, enough chit-chat. Get to the askin', and I'll get to the answerin'!

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  • NeneG

    Hi Guys :D Um.. I'm going to be on vacation from July 22nd to Aug 12th-15th. Please know that I will not be on as much. My vacation spot does have Wi-Fi, so that's good :) That's all! NeneG Leave me a message! 13:23, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

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  • LeAnn Carter

    Hey everyone!! It's LeAnn Carter! I've done beauty pagents against Sam and now I'de like to answer your questions!!!!! So just ask me anything and I'll try to answer you when I can!! Also leave me a message!!!

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  • It's Freddie Benson

    So hey guys! Still on vacation with iCarly. Anyways, it's the first time iCarly would officially be having 3 iCarly webcasts on vacation!!! So we'll be in our resort, or the beach, or the pool, or whatever. Just have fun watching iCarly starting this coming Thursday!!! So yeah. And we're having so much fun meeting the iCarly fans! But when we were in the beach one fan just started going wild and fainted...the obssessive ones! There were 2 then they fainted. Especially those Freddie fans. So yeah and if you wanna meet us DON'T be too obssessive. Bye!

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  • The Chad Dylan Cooper

    (on roleplay) Hey guys! So me and Sonny are doing this webchat thingy with fans. 2 hours per fan! So we're doing this using Sizzle, a webchat in the internet. Using flitter and twitter, we have chatted with these fans:

    • macfallsfan21
    • officiallyme
    • headphoneson
    • CatValentine
    • supahTori
    • scissorsluvjade
    • ANT_ChynaParks
    • SoRandomFan
    • PurpleIsPurple
    • asdfghjklpuckett
    • iLoveCooper
    • officialmacfalls
    • BlueandRed
    • pleasefollowmeeee
    • TechyDude
    • MacandRandom
    • TotallyChaddy
    • HappyGoLucky
    • itsmesecret

    So there are more to come! If you want a webchat with us, comment below! Can't wait to meet you guys! (this is just for a fun roleplay)

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  • Sarah Got Fangs

    Evil Nurses

    July 6, 2011 by Sarah Got Fangs

    Hey guys it's Sarah! I wanted to aware you guys that there are EVIL AND FAKE nurses going around to towns taking blood, because they are VAMPIRES. So they end up wanting Ethans blood cause it's very special, btw that's why he always smells SO GOOD! XD but Ethan didn't trust them so I had to take a pint of blood from his arm. Ugh........... It was weird...... But beware!

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  • Sarah Got Fangs

    Okay guys, so I am giving you the chance to ask me questions about my relationships, school, friends, being dead and a vampire. Whatever!!! :) Ask Away!!!

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  • It's Freddie Benson

    (Even though it's school time in philippines, icarly is set in Seattle) Hey guys! So it's summer and we'll be goin' to...HAWAII!!!!!!! Finally, a place where I can relax, just stay under the sun, swim, have fun, relax! Anyways, me, Carly, Sam, Spencer, and Gibby will go there for a vacation and this iCarly Autograph stuff like once a week so 4 times. It'll be done every Saturday! So watch out! But it's gonna be SO hot there. Anyways, now me, Carly, and the others are in a cruise going to Hawaii but of course we're here to party and just hang out. Tomorrow we'll be in Hawaii to have fun and the day after would be autograph signing! Last year we just stayed in the cruise doing autographs. There's a gallery below on the cruise last year and t…

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