• The Chad Dylan Cooper

    Hey everyone! I've been gone for SO long!! We just finished filming TONS of So Random! episodes and since Mackenzie Falls is almost ending, we filmed a 2-hour long movie series finale for it! It's gonna air soon! Tons of surprises and stuff. Since it took us 3 months to film season 2 of So Random! and 5 months of the Mackenzie Falls, I haven't had time to go and give you guys some exclusive stuff. Now, comment anything, questions or stories or whatsoever, and I would answer them! Sonny and I had wonderful dates....and Wesley and Nicole finally broke up!:) More stories or whatsoever below if you would comment:) I missed you guys so much! --The Chad Dylan Cooper 06:45, March 31, 2012 (UTC)

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  • The Chad Dylan Cooper

    (on roleplay) Hey guys! So me and Sonny are doing this webchat thingy with fans. 2 hours per fan! So we're doing this using Sizzle, a webchat in the internet. Using flitter and twitter, we have chatted with these fans:

    • macfallsfan21
    • officiallyme
    • headphoneson
    • CatValentine
    • supahTori
    • scissorsluvjade
    • ANT_ChynaParks
    • SoRandomFan
    • PurpleIsPurple
    • asdfghjklpuckett
    • iLoveCooper
    • officialmacfalls
    • BlueandRed
    • pleasefollowmeeee
    • TechyDude
    • MacandRandom
    • TotallyChaddy
    • HappyGoLucky
    • itsmesecret

    So there are more to come! If you want a webchat with us, comment below! Can't wait to meet you guys! (this is just for a fun roleplay)

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  • The Chad Dylan Cooper

    So 2 days ago it was Nicole's bday! It was her 15th and it was ffuuunnn! Lady Gaga went, Sonny went, well everyone went except for Wesley. There were random carnival games, performances, and Sonny sang with Joe Jonas Make a Wave, which was the WORST part! except for sonny's singing! (Gallagher's bday was June 25 so haha) and then we had this treasure hunt so it was really fun. Fans also got to go so me and Sonny didn't spend much time but it was amazing!

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  • The Chad Dylan Cooper

    hey guys! So my "frenemy" Wesley Williger has been dating my sister Nicole Dylan Cooper for a month already! And Wesley has secretly been dating my frenemy Zora Lancaster! So Wesley broke up with her and Zora still doesn't know. I will tell Zora but I need ur help. there should be a bigger revenge on wesley. u know, like Steven Carson! PLEASE HELPP

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  • The Chad Dylan Cooper

    So we filmed 2 regular MacFalls episodes already! I can't spoil much but anyways, let's go back to the past seasons...

    Season 1: MacKenzie meets Portlyn, a new girl in school. In the middle of the season, MacKenzie attends prom with her. But, things go wrong when Devon destroys it and MacKenzie's hair got on fire and got hit on the head by a disco ball. But Portlyn takes care of him. In the season finale, Portlyn disappears and MacKenzie moves to another town (cliffhanger).

    Season 2: MacKenzie moves back to the falls when he sees Portlyn and Portlyn tells him to move on. In the middle of the season, he meets Penelope. Penelope loves him but her parents are enemies of MacKenzie's parents. MacKenzie introduces Trevor to Penelope, but they are e…

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